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Subject: Heartache 03This story continues where Heartache 02 left off in the story 'Heartache'
in /High School/. Thanks to all who took the time to email me with their
comments and encouragement. I was a little scared of continuing with all
your high expectations but then I thought let's see what Jake and Eric
would really do.This story is fiction and is by no means depictive of the life of any
person, place or thing. It contains no penetrative sexual acts between
males YET and should only be read if it is legal to do so in your
area. Read at your own risk. Comments are welcomed and would be very much
appreciated. ENJOY!
Heartache 03
By Fjord
I was in Jake's bedroom. Jake's alarm clock showed 4 am. It was Saturday,
very early morning. I could not sleep. Not with Jake, my heart and my soul,
sleeping next to me.Jake slept facing me. His left hand was on my right thigh. My right hand
held it there. I could hear his relaxed breathing and feel his warm
breath. I could see the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.He said he loved me. Maybe that was why I kept staring at him. I did not
want this to be just a dream. I was afraid that if I closed my eyes and
slept I would lose my moment of pure love for him. Silent tears started to
flow from my eyes. I just loved him so much. I separated my right hand from
his left hand to wipe my tears, as my sight was blurry. I could see his
face again. His breathing seemed a bit restless and I could feel his left
hand on my right thigh moving. I quickly placed my right hand on top of his
left hand. He started to breathe normally again and I could see a slight
smile on his face.******Several hours ago, Jake led me into his bedroom. He sat on his bed. I sat
next to him on his right, took off my jacket and dropped it on the bedroom
floor. He lay down on the bed and I slid next to him and placed my head on
his chest. His chin rested on top of my head and his right arm wrapped
around my body. So there we were, still fully dressed and really nervous. I
heard his heartbeat racing and felt his warm breath Preteen Nonude on my hair. Both of us
were looking up to the ceiling. There were two mega posters of Coldplay's
"Parachutes" and "A Rush of Blood to the Head" album covers on it."I like Coldplay..." I said to him, to break the ice."Me too... I think they're fantastic..." he replied softly."I like me..." I placed my bait."Me too... I think you're fantastic..." He giggled after he said this. I
giggled with him."I like you..." I continued."Me too... I think... I think I'm fantastic..." He and I giggled even more
after he said this. After a while we were quiet again."I'm glad you love me..." Jake said softly, breaking the silence.I tried to find in my brain a reply but just couldn't."Eric... I've been in love with you since the first time I saw you... Do
you remember the day when.." He paused."...When you dropped the vase in front of me...?" I continued his sentence
without even thinking."Yeah... I must have looked like a dork dropping that stupid vase... but
how did you know?" Jake asked curiously. I knew my explanation would sound
stupid but I didn't want to lie to him.So I told him about the dream. He was suddenly quiet. He was probably
thinking that Preteen Nonude he fell in love with a psychic Preteen Nonude wannabe lunatic, I thought."Wow! Your dream is pretty close to home dude... Remember the first time I
told you I missed you and loved you as a joke... I really did mean it you
know. But I thought if I told you that I really did mean it you would have
dumped me.""No, I wouldn't have... but Preteen Nonude
maybe it was for the best. We would have grown
up Preteen Nonude too quickly I think. I mean if I had known you loved me then we Preteen Nonude would be
having sex like rabbits." I grinned to myself as I said this."Yeah we would be fucking until our dicks drop off." He chuckled."And we didn't do the nasty stuff in the dream??" He asked followed with a
giggle. In response, I gently pinched his right thigh through his Dockers
thin material."Ouch... Further up please..." Jake, in pain, still managed to be a
flirt. "We were always doing the nasty stuff when I dreamt about you...""Perverted pretty white boy, you are..." I said to him."Perverted pretty white boy who loves you... I am." He whispered. I kept
quiet and took his words into my heart in that special place where every
beautiful moment in my life is stored."Jake..." I paused. "I love you... you know." As I said this I moved my
head so that I could see his face. All this time we had been talking while
looking at the posters above us. Frankly, I missed not looking at his face
already.He looked away from me. I realized that he didn't want to have any eye
contact yet, so I put my head on his chest again."I'm sorry for all this mess Eric... I should have strangled you after that
stupid stunt you did... maybe we could still be just best friends..." He
pressed his lips on my head after he said this.I kept quiet. I had nothing to say.Jake continued. "I had planned to tell you that I... I loved you, when
we're both 18 at least." I could hear his voice breaking with
emotion. "But... in the cinema... when you slept with your head on my
shoulder... I was so happy..." He paused. "But man! The pain in my heart
with you so near... I almost cried..." He was sobbing quietly now."I ached to tell you after the show. But I was scared shitless."Again, I was tongue-tied. All of my brain cells were on strike. I closed my
eyes as I could feel my tears starting to flow again. I listened to his
sobs until it receded."I'm such a crybaby... hehe..." Jake always found humor in himself. That
was one more reason I loved him."I asked you to stay over just in case I found enough balls to tell you 'I
love you Eric' but then you almost killed me with your phantom hand stunt"
He giggled."I'm sorry... It was such a stupid idea... " I offered my apology."It was superbly executed though..." He chuckled."I scared the shit out of you didn't I?" I grinned as I said this."Yeah. But all I really wanted was to hold you and kiss you.""Which you did. It felt so good when we held each other.""So did you like it...?""Did I like what?""My hand on your ass..."I chuckled. "Yeah... It was the first time anyone ever touched my ass that
way... I almost came" I was getting a hardon as I relived the scene. I
could still feel his hand inside my boxers kneading my ass."What about me dude... you haven't touched my ass... I wanna feel your hand
inside my pants...""Okay..." I said with no hesitation. "Lets face each other..." We moved and
both of us lay facing each other on our sides. We looked at each other in
the eyes again. Both of Preteen Nonude us were smiling shyly as we got closer.I placed my right hand on his back just above his pants and slid my right
hand inside his pants under his boxers and grabbed a piece of his left ass
cheek. He gasped and quickly slipped his left hand inside my jeans and
boxers and grabbed my right ass Preteen Nonude cheek. It was my turn to gasp. We then
brought our bodies even closer together with our eyes still locked
together. His right arm was wrapped around my body. My left hand held the
back of his neck."Kiss me Eric."I kissed him on the lips gently.Jake took his lips away from mine. He mumbled something."What?" I asked."No teeth this time... Okay?""Okay, you wanna do it?""Kiss?? Of course...""No... This stuff""Do what stuff?" He asked with faked innocence.I was getting really horny and Jake was playing stupid with me."Fuck!" Jake shouted in surprise as I put my fingers in his ass crack and
pulled the little hair he had there."Yes Jake... Fuck... I prefer make love but since you're such a
shithead... who cares..." I said as I brought my lips to his and kissed him
hungrily. He opened his mouth wide and clamped it on mine. Our tongues
wrestled with abandon. No teeth this time. We were not very good at it but
just the feeling of our tongues sliding against each other was so damn
erotic that techniques didn't matter.Jake then rolled his body so that he was on top of me and started to slowly
move his crotch on mine. Both of us were so aroused that we were groaning
and whimpering loudly everytime our hardons rubbed against each other. I
knew this was going to be a quick one by the way we were handling the
situation. I knew I was pretty close to orgasm. Jake removed his hands from
my ass and back and held my head as he kissed me real hard. I slipped both
my hands deep inside his pants kneading his ass and pulled his body onto
mine while matching his grinding rhythm. Then it happened, he suddenly
released his lips from mine to suck my neck as he came and came and came
and came and came until the front of his Dockers were soaked right through
with his cum. I considered myself lucky he didn't bite me on the neck while
he was thrashing wildly on my body while having his really intense
orgasms. I came just after his third convulsion. Don't ask me how many
times I came. It felt like one very long orgasm. Jake was not the only one
trashing his body wildly in ecstasy. My jeans front was soaked with my own
cum. Our first time was not perfect with both of us still fully dressed but
the orgasm was pretty intense.Jake must have had a really mind blowing orgasm as he just lay on top of
me, depleted and exhausted. I recovered relatively quickly and continued
holding him, just enjoying his closeness and his warm breath and warm lips
on my neck as he slept. After a while it felt a bit stupid holding an
unconscious Jake on top of me and so I rolled him to his side and started
to stare at and touch his cute smooth face.*****So there I was at 4 am Saturday, gazing at my beautiful lover as he
slept. That slight smile on his face lightened my heavy Preteen Nonude
heart. I kept on
thinking how much I loved him but I knew that I was not ready to tell
anyone else. We had to talk about our next step. We were both underaged and
we had sex. I knew we should not have done it but I wanted it. He certainly
wanted it judging by his grinding motions last night. The manner that we
did it is not illegal (I thought so anyway). Pretty innocent stuff I
thought. No penetration no crime.I thought about our parents too. Like how they would react once they found
out both of Preteen Nonude us having sex... with each other. I was sure both set of
parents would be cool about it... yeah right... like in a million lifetimes
after this one I bet. I sighed.Eventually, I must have slept Preteen Nonude as I was woken up with a warm wet lips
kissing my nose. I kept my eyes shut. Then my lips were kissed and then my
ears and then my cheeks and then my eyes and then my ears and then my neck
and then I squirmed."So... my baby's awake now." He whispered in my ears.I opened up my eyes and gasped as I saw this beautiful angel hovering over
me. Morning sunlight shone through the bedroom window behind him creating a
golden halo around his blond haired head. The angel was smiling at me.We just smiled at each other for a while."Morning""Morning" I replied as I touched his smooth face with my hands."I love you." He said softly as he turned his head to kiss my right palm."I love you too" I whispered as I touched his lips.Jake then lay down on top of me and started to kiss my lips and then suck
my neck. I wrapped my arms around his body and held him tight. I moaned
with pleasure but I needed him to stop."Jake... Jake, we need to clean up..." I managed to say this while he
slobbered on my neck.Jake stopped his neck attack and started to remove my shirt. I lifted up my
arms above my head as he pulled my shirt off. Then he removed my black
jeans and then my boxers. I was lying on the bed naked. He got off the bed
and started to remove his own clothes until he was naked too. Both of us
had some thick crusty semen on our rigid penises. Yes, both of us were red
faced with embarrassment and no, it wasn't because of the crusty
semen. This was the first time we ever saw each other naked not to mention
each other's erections."Let's get in the shower." He said as he gave a shy smile and offered his
right hand to pull me up from the messy bed.To be continued...As promised it's not a dream anymore... I am sorry they had sex too early
but in real life that's what happens all the time, especially with two
good-looking and horny teenagers who have the hots for each other being
left to their own devices... I think so anyway.. Tell me if you like it or
hate it or you want more or less sex :b .. \Fiord\ (fy?rd; i or y consonant, [sect] 272), n. [Dan. & Norw.
fiord. See Frith.] A narrow inlet of the sea, penetrating between high
banks or rocks, as on the coasts of Norway and Alaska. [Written also
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